Welcome to HQ Client

Welcome to HQ Client, a new servicing platform that integrates technologies, communication, and privacy into professional accounting/tax services, for all level of clients and industries. This is the next chapter in our professional journey with our clients and staff.

With 2022, we are determined to achieve these goals together with clients and staff:

  1. All communications including records and documents will be transiting privately via our HQ Client App (our own peer to peer application). No more tax returns and private documents floating on public email servers.
  2. All service requests, documents and records may be accessed directly, by clients, via our HQ Client App using mobile phone/PC. Clients may set the priority of their service requests. Need something urgent? You can set the priority to “urgent” via the App.
  3. Our invoices and payment facilities are conveniently integrated and accessible via the App. Pay our invoices using Wallet VN App to receive bonuses including discounts, rewards, products and services. Pay with Wallet VN today and receive up to $500 credit towards your next service request.

Clients’ immediate responsibility, please:
1. Download HQ Client app and sign up
2. Download the Wallet VN app and sign up

Download HQ Client to access invoices
• Receive real time updates and notifications about your jobs
• Access invoices and make payments
• Go to your APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY and search “HQ CLIENT”
• Install and open
• Select SIGN UP
• Enter your account information
• Select SIGN UP
• Check email and verify account

Download Wallet VN to make payments
• Earn reward points (Arkcoin) when paying invoices
• Redeem points towards your next invoice
• Access VN apps for other services
• Go to your APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY and search “WALLET VN” (make sure there’s a space between words)
• Install and open
• Select CREATE WALLET and follow the prompts
• Link your ID to your WALLET to ensure you never lose access to your account or your funds